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Wine in the Bible. Based on the New King James Version

For the first time a comprehensive compilation of all the quotations relating to the wine and the viticulture found in the Bible as well as an interpretation of them. Did you know that they already had deeds of sale and used markers to delineate the plots?
They already knew layering and grafting. They plowed, pruned, weeded, fertilized and watered the vines. They also performed green harvesting.
They hired the poor and foreigners to work the vineyards and even negotiated labor agreements with them.
The vineyards suffered diseases, insect attacks, wild boar, ice, hail and weeds.
Find out how they harvested and what containers they used for the different procedures. Did you know that they could build metal tanks of 90,000 liters?
They decanted and blended wines. Sometimes they also adulterated them. There were vintners and butlers, even sommeliers.
They used canes, vinegar, must and raisins. The wine was used as medicine, dye, cleaning product and even to prepare the elephants for battle.
They stayed up late, got drunk, vomited and sang songs.
And even one could be exempted from military service if he had planted a vineyard.
In this book you will find all this and more, told in an entertaining and readable form.
For once, the classic confusion between oenology and ethnology is justified.

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